Preparation for Submitting Work

There are important things literary magazines expect from a good submission. A quality submission is a major key to getting published. Before you decide to submit your story, you’ll need to prepare it. Here are some crucial tips published authors and editors have given me.

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Don’t Write for the Magazine, Write for You.

Some writers make the big mistake of writing a story for a specific literary magazine. I don’t just mean writing a story that we later plan to submit for a magazine. I mean assuming we completely understand the magazine’s theme, and writing a piece we think the editors will like. I’ve come to learn that this never works out in our favor. It’s much more effective to write for self-expression. Let’s talk about a few reasons why.

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What Does a Literary Magazine Editor Do?

I’ve wanted to be an editor since I was a kid, but admittedly I didn’t know exactly what an editor did. Today I’ll talk about what an editor’s job is like, and what I’ve learned so far from my experiences. If you’re an aspiring writer, this info is helpful for knowing what happens to your work when you submit it.

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