New Literary Magazine Coming This Winter

Long time no see! I’ve been away from this blog for quite some time, but that’s because I’ve been working on some exciting new projects. And if you’ve read the title, I bet you can guess what this post is about.

That’s right! I’ve started my own online literary magazine. You can find it at the Déraciné Magazine website.


The cover for Volume I, set to release Winter 2017.

Déraciné (the adjective) is when someone is displaced from their natural environment. The theme of my magazine explores elements of this meaning through the literary gothic. Déraciné (the magazine) seeks to publish dark, psychological literature that also contains these themes.

I’m expecting to publish our debut issue this Winter 2017. But that means we’re looking for authors to submit work! If you’d like to submit your writing for potential publication in the upcoming issue, check out the submissions page on our website.

And if you like the concept, please help spread the word! I’m excited about this project and dedicated to seeing it grow. We’ve already received several submissions and I’m pleased with the positive response so far.

For more updates on Déraciné Magazine, be sure to follow our blog. And future updates on all my projects will be posted here, so keep checking back!

Click here to check out Déraciné, my new literary magazine.


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